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2018 Board of Directors Candidate Statements

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Meet the Candidates

Thursday, January 11 at 7 PM

LCA Annual Meeting

Tuesday, February 13 at 8 PM

All Lakes homeowners are encouraged to attend Meet the Candidates and the LCA Annual Meeting.

2018 LCA Board of Directors Election

The 2018 LCA Board of Directors election will officially begin with the mailing of ballots to all Lakes homeowners on or by January 12. If you do not receive your ballot shortly thereafter, call or visit the LCA office to arrange for a replacement ballot. The LCA office phone is 480.838.1023.

Your completed ballot should be placed in the mail early enough to ensure that the ballot will be delivered to the election handlers no later than February 13.

The Lakes Board of Directors has chosen a local law firm experienced in HOA law, Vial Fotheringham, to conduct the election. Your ballot is to be mailed directly to the election handlers in the pre-addressed envelope provided with the ballot.

Election results will be announced at the LCA Annual Homeowners Meeting on Tuesday, February 13 at 8 PM in the Lakes Beach and Tennis Club. The election of Board officers will follow immediately.

Read the statements by clicking the candidates to the left.

Ballots Must Be Mailed

You may not personally deliver your ballot to the LCA office at any time prior to the LCA Annual Meeting on February 13. You must mail your ballot to the address on the ballot.

However, you may persoally deliver your ballot to the LCA Annual Homeowners Meeting on the night of Tuesday, February 13 at 8 PM per LCA By-Laws and Arizona Revised Statutes 33-1812. ID will be required to personally deliver your ballot to the LCA Annual Homeowners Meeting.

All Lakes residents are strongly encouraged to attend Meet the Candidates, to vote in the Board election, and to attend the LCA Annual Homeowners Meeting on February 13 at 8 PM.

I have lived in the Lakes since 2015 moving from San Francisco, CA. Since then, I have called Arizona home. As I do intend to live in the Lakes for years to come, I have engaged with the community activities ever since. I have enjoyed getting to know our neighbors and listening to their ideas to make our community thrive.

In California, I was the co-founder and president of Knowledge Fund.Org, a non-profit organization platform allowing under privileged youths to crowdsource funding and pursue their dreams of higher education. While doing so, I was also the founder, president and the CEO of Ambrose Systems that is, a company that was focused on home automation.

My educational background includes Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineer from University of California Berkeley followed by an Executive MBA from Arizona State University. I hold over 5 patents in electronics and have been an active member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Eta Kappa Nu, and Arizona State President's Club.

I am running to join the Lakes Board of Director so I can directly contribute to our community and its development. I can contribute to our community by making strategic decisions, improving the finances, cash flow to ensure that the Lakes community can always rally to a better future.

This is my tenth year as a Lakes resident, but my experiences here date a bit further back. I remember attending childhood Sunday school parties at the Clubhouse, and as a Marcos graduate, had several friends living here and spent a fair amount of my time in the neighborhood. My first experience as a homeowner was participating in a fish roundup from Westlake as a recovery effort following a major golden algae bloom. I knew then that I was going to be a long term contributor to the community I knew well and have grown to love.

Since then, my wife Lisa and I raised our 2 Lakes Snakes swimmers who are now wrapping up at Marcos. During that time, Lisa chaired the committee while I kept the drinks cold behind the snack bar. With those days slowing down, I turned my attention to serving a term on the Board of Directors starting in 2013 as Vice President, and was part of some initiatives that potentially mean a great deal for the future of our community including conversations regarding the Baseline development, the installation of a new playground, and the beginning of some water usage ideas I hope to see through in ways that are best for the community.

On a professional note, I currently teach science at Marcos, but also have extensive business management experience entailing multi-million dollar budget management. You can count on me to offer sound financial and ecological input on important decisions regarding the community, and I look forward to another opportunity to contribute to our continued prosperity.

My husband and I have lived in the Lakes for just over 20 years. We have 2 boys that are now 16 and 13 years old who have grown up in this community. They've attended Rover elementary as grade schoolers, and are now at Fees Middle School and Marcos De Niza high school. In addition, my mom has lived down the street from us for the past 16 years. We've gone through many of life's different stages here in the Lakes, from a young married couple with no kids, to a stay-at-home mom of preschoolers, to now as working parents of two teenage boys.

At each of these different stages, we've been a part of the preschool playgroups, the swim team, the summer sleepovers, the picnics in the park, the exercise groups, the neighborhood watch meetings and hours and hours of enjoying the clubhouse: swimming, playing tennis, volleyball and just hanging out with friends. There really is a special sense of community in the Lakes.

Professionally, both my husband and I are mechanical engineers. I've been working at Artesyn Embedded Technologies for the last 8 years designing safety control systems for trains. I specialize in designing computer enclosures that are exposed to rugged thermal and vibration environments.

I'd like to offer not only my relevant professional skills to the Lakes board, but also my perspective as a mom as well as member of this community who has experienced all the benefits of living in the Lakes over all these years.