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Lakes Board Policy Voted

Boating Policy

At the June 22 board meeting, the Lakes Board of Directors voted to enact LCA Board Policy 2016-1 regarding boat launching. As stated in the new policy:

The purpose of this policy is to prevent invasive species introduction into the lake by transfer from boats that have been on other infested or potentially infested waters.

The policy was developed in response to the growing presence in western waters of a variety of property damaging species, notably the zebra and quagga mussels. You may want to view an animated demonstration of the spread of these invaders across the country since 1987 on the National Wildlife Federation website.

From now on, before any boat may enter our lake, the owner will have to read and sign a form containing information on invasive species and attest that the boat has been "cleaned, drained, and dried" according to a process based on Arizona Game and Fish recommendations. Only registered boats may enter our lake and only after being made safe to do so.

Here is the policy.

Here is the form. At the time of launch, a Lakes attendant will present the boat owner with the form; you needn't print the form in advance. Only with the signed, accepted form will any boats be allowed to enter the lake.

If you have any questions on this policy, call the LCA office at 820-1023.

LGE/LCV Renderings

Commercial Portion

Below are renderings of the commercial development along Baseline Road, a 48,000 square foot project for restaurant, retail and theater space. This is the commercial space along the front of the LCV complex and a separate project from the the apartments to be built at the back.

Snakes Swimmers Excel

Red, White & Blue Relays June 30

The Lakes Snakes Swim Team dove right into its 42nd season in early June. After a month of rising early for morning practices and a few swim meets, it’s amazing to see the progress these young athletes have made!

For the first meet of the season the Snakes swam against Las Sendas and the Seville. Eliana Mueller and Connor Rehill earned Swimmer-of-the-Meet honors for this meet. Next, the Snakes hosted the Maricopa Marlins and Pitchfork Aquatics, and showed tremendous improvement in all age groups. Congratulations to Ava Masche and Corbin Bray, Swimmers-of-the-Meet, who were recognized for their contagious positive attitudes and hard work ethic in the pool. The Snakes hosted an evening meet with scorching 112 degree temps against the Dobson Dolphins on June 21. By this third meet, our swimmers are looking like both true competitors and good sports as they cheer each other on and form new friendships. Lucca Early and Kelson Hogan were named Swimmers-of-the-Meet; both dropped times in multiple events on Tuesday night

June competition continues with a meet against the Chandler Sea Lions at Arrowhead, and then concludes with the Red, White & Blue relays on June 30th against the Ahwatukee Tidal Waves. After the Independence Day break, the Snakes travel to Val Vista Lakes and then to the, Seville Country Club for the East Valley League Season Conclusion Meet. The team will celebrate its season at the Swim Team Poolside Banquet on Thursday, July 21 at 6 PM.

A big "thank you" to all our volunteers who make home meets at the Lakes run so smoothly and to the community for supporting this Lakes summer tradition. Visit for all your Lakes Snakes news, meet results, and the season schedule.